• September, 2022

September, 2022


5 Most Exciting Upcoming Films Coming Out in 2022, Especially the Last One!

Since Covid 19 pandemic started in 2022, it has been years we have not been to the cinema, enjoying a nice movie. Now Movement Control Order has been 100% lifted, we can even enjoy our movie freely without wearing a face mask. Let’s see what movies are coming out, for us to enjoy our cinema moments again. Amsterdam If you are a fan of a historical movie, Amsterdam may be your first choice. The timeline...


6 TV Series And Movies You Must Watch on Netflix And Disney Plus In Sep & Oct 2022

Long weekend is around the corner. Tired with the congested traffic? No worries, you can always enjoy a series and movie without stepping out of your cozy home. Here are a few worth watching series and movies on Netflix and Disney Plus which will make sure that you will not have a boring long weekend by just staying at home. Andor If you are a fan of the Star Wars series, go get your popcorn...


5 High Rating BL Thai Drama Series You Must Watch 2022

Looking for drama series to spend your weekends with? Maybe you can try on some BL or known as boys love drama series. It can be extremely diverse from the get-go with many different genres and settings offering you relationships from super sweet romances to intensely sexual content. There are a few Asian countries that produce high rating BL drama such as Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Philippine, and China. Today we are going to explore a...


5 Best Wireless Earbuds To Buy Now In Malaysia For Under RM1000

We have definitely come a long way from the headphone era to the wireless earbuds most of us carry in our pockets. In pursuit of convenience, portability and long battery life; the design of modern wireless earbuds has evolved alongside the experience we seek. True wireless earbuds boomed only very recently around 2017 to meet consumer’s demands who want to pair the earbuds to their electronic devices for wireless music and audio enjoyment. Some companies...