5 Latest Budget Smart Watches Under RM500 In Malaysi

5 Latest Budget Smart Watches Under RM500 In Malaysia

Health is priceless. The only way to achieve health is through a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is a combination of healthy eating and active living. We can practice healthy eating by choosing the right food and calculating our energy intake. How about active living? Here are 5 affordable smart watches under RM500 for you to choose to assist you to achieve active living. At the same time, it assists you to screen your basic vital signs too!

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini
Amazfit GTS 4 Mini appears in ultra-slim and light design with a 1.65” HD AMOLED display. It comes in four colors to fulfill your preference and fashion sense. This stylish smartwatch has a lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy middle frame integrated into the sleek watch body, and comes complete with a soft and skin-friendly silicone strap. It is packed with a mega-powerful 270 mAh battery which can sustain for 15 days on typical usage.
This smart watch can detect and monitor up to more than 120 different sport modes, such as walking, running, cycling, yoga and more. It is equipped with ExerSense which can recognize and monitor walking, indoor walking, outdoor running, treadmill, outdoor cycling, elliptical and rowing machine. PeakBeats provides specialized data after your workouts, such as maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), full recovery time, training load and training effect, to stay informed of factors that can affect recovery, progress and exercise capacity.
To challenge or set a target for your training, use the Virtual Pacer function and race against your previous running performance. A water-resistance grade of 5 ATM means the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini can resist the equivalent of up to 50 meters water pressure. Its Pool Swimming and Open Water Swimming sports modes can scientifically track your swimming data.
Besides its sports modes, it can also help you to screen your health status. It supports 24-hours screening for heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation, stress level, and sleep quality. As for women, it comes with menstrual cycle tracking feature in order to assist you to monitor your menstrual cycle. There are a lot more functions you can explore by owning one. Amazfit GTS 4 Mini can link with your smartphone through Zepp App.

Pros of Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

  • Inclusive health features.
  • Support water sports.
  • Safe for outdoor sports.
  • Women-friendly health features.

Cons of Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

  • Need to download the Zepp App to link with your smartphones.
  • Limited service center to repair.

Details of Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

Colors Midnight Black, Flamingo Pink, Mint Blue, Moonlight White
Weight 31.2g (with strap)
Battery Capacity 270 mAh (15 days)
Sports Modes 126
Water-resistance Grade 5 ATM
Health Features 24 hours monitoring (heart rate, SPO2, stress level); manual measurement (heart rate, SPO2, stress level, one-tap measurement); Sleep Quality Monitoring, Health Assessment System, Breathing Exercise, Menstrual Cycle Tracking, Health Reminders
Price RM 299.00

Poco Watch

Poco Watch
POCO watch comes with a slogan, empowering your fitness every day. It comes with a 1.6: AMOLED colorful touch display with 2.5D curved glass and an ultra-slim bezel delivers a breathtaking visual experience that lets you see more with greater clarity. POCO watches come with colorful skin-friendly TPU straps which will bring you a comfortable wearing experience.
With its ultra-lightweight design, you will enjoy greater comfort and freedom of movement during everyday wear. It has built-in sensors and professional movement algorithms give you more than 100 fitness modes to choose from. It can monitor and analyze your favorite fitness activities and to help you raise your game performance.
POCO watch has a built-in precision GNSS chip which supports global satellite positioning via GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, so you can record and analyze your movements with greater accuracy. With the feature of 5 ATM water resistance rating, you can wear it to swim no matter whether in a pool or open water. This smart watch is equipped with a professional SpO2 sensor to keep track of your SpO2 throughout the day, helping you to understand how your blood oxygen level changes throughout the day.
With the advanced heart rate sensors and algorithms, allow you to keep track of your heart rate. The POCO watch also provides excessive heart rate notifications, so you can keep your heart rate in check in real time. The POCO watch can record deep sleep, light sleep, REM stages or the sporadic nap during the day. Meanwhile, it also has stress monitoring, breathing training and female health features. This watch is using magnetic charging and it can last for 14 days.

Pros of Poco Watch

  • GPS tracking to protect your outdoor exercise.
  • Skin friendly strap, suitable for allergy skin.
  • Easy follow up service in Xiaomi service center.

Cons of Poco Watch

  • Relatively less sports mode.
  • Relatively shorter battery life span.

Details of Poco Watch

Colors Blue, Black, Ivory
Weight 31g (with strap)
Battery Capacity 225 mAh (15 days)
Sports Modes 100+
Water-resistance Grade 5 ATM
Health Features SpO2 tracking, heart rate tracking, sleep record, stress monitoring, breathing training, and female health
Price RM 279.00

Realme Band 2

Realme Band 2
Realme Band 2 comes with the all-new color 1.4” touch display which is significantly brighter even under direct sunlight. It comes with a wide range of interchangeable stylish wrist straps which allows you to change the strap to suit your outfit. Powered by a power-efficient GH3011 sensor, Realme Band 2 features continuous heart monitoring which is highly accurate.
It even keeps track of the ups and downs of your heart rate and alerts you if your heart rate goes above safety zone.it also equips with a bold oxygen monitor to track your SpO2 against your health and fitness. This smart watch also helps you to monitor and analyze your sleep quality. Realme Band 2 now features up to 90 different sports modes such as running, hiking and more. You can also track calories burned and active workout duration right on Realme Band 2 and later check your fitness activities details.
It also comes with water resistance up to 50m, supports swimming in the pool and tracks your swimming activities. This watch is charged by a convenient magnetic charger and lasts for 12 days. It has a smart control which allows you to control all Realme a lot devices right from your watch. There are more interesting features to be explored for this smart watch.

Pros of Realme Band 2

  • Removable wrist strap to match with your outfit.
  • Heart rate notification to remind you to not overwork your body.
  • Water reminder to avoid dehydration.
  • Easy maintenance, can go to Realme service center.

Cons of Realme Band 2

  • Less sports modes.
  • Relatively short battery life.

Details of Realme Band 2

Colors Removable wrist strap with a wide range of color and designs
Weight 27.3g (with strap)
Battery Capacity 225 mAh (15 days)
Sports Modes 90
Water-resistance Grade 50 meter water resistance
Health Features 24-hour heart rate measurement, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, blood oxygen measurement, sleep detection, steps throughout the day, calories, distance, water reminder, sedentary reminder, activity records, women’s health tracking, stress measurement.
Price RM 133.00

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch
OnePlus Watch comes in a refined elegant design. It combines timeless style with ways to better connect with your lifestyle. Individually hand-polished, each watch embodies uncompromising craftsmanship. It is seamless from one stunning edge to the next, exacting modern craftsmanship merges with classic attention to detail. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and powerful call features keep you notified of incoming calls.
OnePlus watch comes with a 4 GB storage which allows you to enjoy all your favorite music without connecting to your smartphone. A full charge of OnePlus Watch provides up to 14 days of battery life. With a charging duration of 20 minutes, it can last for 7 days. This smart watch is equipped with a blood oxygen saturation monitor. It will carry out daytime spot checks and sleep monitoring with the sleep tracker with long term tracking data to identify potential health issues.
The optical heart rate sensor offers valuable insights into your physical and mental wellbeing, the breath training features helps you relax and find your Zen for maximum health. With its 5 ATM + IP68 water resistance, OnePlus watch is able to push your personal performance with metrics such as pulse, distance, calories, speed and SWOLF efficiency. And with intelligent swimming posture recognition, it can assist you to correct your posture for better performance.
OnePlus watch is able to detect and monitor over 110 workout types. Thus, for those who love to gear up and go, satellite positioning for walking and running ensures fast, accurate data with every step. It can effortlessly track your progress then help you to power ahead toward your fitness goals.

Pros of OnePlus Watch

  • Equipped with 4GB storage allows no smartphone connectivity music enjoyment.
  • Recognize swimming posture.
  • Short charging time.

Cons of OnePlus Watch

  • Relatively expensive.
  • May have problems with maintenance.

Details of OnePlus Watch

Colors Midnight Black, Moonlight Silver, Cobalt
Weight 45g (with strap)
Battery Capacity 402 mAh (15 days)
Sports Modes 110
Water-resistance Grade 50 ATM + IP68
Health Features blood oxygen measurement, heart rate tracker, breathing training, sleep tracker
Price RM 499.00

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 aims to be a lifestyle and health partner on your wrist that gives you advice at the moment. It comes in various colors with a comfortable design to make sure you look good and stay comfortable. Galaxy Watch Active2 features an enlarged display with a pure black screen and a border that is hardly there for more space to get the insight you need by maximizing your screen space with an uninterrupted view on a sleek body fitted with a touch bezel for quick control.
With this smartphone you can express yourself with a watch face that fits your look and mood. When you snap a picture of your outfit for the day, it will put together a watch face to match. Galaxy Watch Active2 tracks your movements so you can just slip it on and get working out. With swimming added to automatic tracking you now get seven exercises, while manual tracking works for all activities for dozens you can track.
Running coach function gives you actionable advice in real time. Be sound in body and mind with a watch that cares for both. Use the stress tracker to watch your stress levels when you’re feeling tense, and follow the suggested guided breathing exercises to get some peace of mind. Monitoring your health is at the core of Galaxy
Watch Active2 with a full eight photodiodes on the rear side of a new curved design that moulds to your wrist.
Health monitoring keeps an eye on your heart rate and sends you an alert when it goes above or below normal levels. Besides, you are also able to control your camera with this gadget. Newly added on-going icon displays running apps on the watch face for easy access, and you can even catch incoming calls with Wi-Fi. Galaxy Watch Active2 goes where you go with an IP68 and 5 ATM water and dust rating plus military grade durability to handle a range of conditions, so you can keep it on to go farther and experience more.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

  • Wide range of color to choose.
  • Do have 4 GB memory.
  • Able to control a smartphone through a watch after pairing up.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

  • Short battery life.
  • Less health features relatively.

Details of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Colors Black Caviar, Black, Crown Silver, Gold, Silver, Pink
Weight 26g (with strap)
Battery Capacity 247 mAh (over 43 hours)
Sports Modes NIL
Water-resistance Grade 50 ATM + IP68
Health Features blood oxygen measurement, heart rate tracker, breathing training, sleep tracker
Price RM 488.00

A good smart watch can be your trainer, time keeper and reminder. Choose the most suitable for your needs then own one. It will be your best partner to lead an active living and make your workout time more fun.

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