Creating Memories: Penang’s Top 5 Restaurants for a Joyful CNY Reunion Dinner

Creating Memories: Penang's Top 5 Restaurants for a Joyful CNY Reunion Dinner

As the auspicious Dragon Year of CNY 2024 approaches, families are gearing up for the much-anticipated reunion and gatherings. With the festive spirit in the air, the prospect of a lavish dinner is both exciting and comforting. Many families in Penang are opting to skip the hassle of cooking and instead choosing to dine at renowned restaurants in Penang.

Recommendations for delightful and joyful celebrations range from classic Chinese cuisine to innovative fusion options. Those looking for convenient set meals, exquisite menus, and signature dishes should check out the social media or websites of popular restaurants in Penang for the latest promotions.

The highlight of these festive gatherings is often the traditional “Lou Sang,” a symbolic toss of prosperity and good fortune. Families and friends are encouraged to explore the diverse culinary landscape that Penang offers, ensuring a memorable and delicious Chinese New Year celebration.

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Chin’s Cuisine

Chin’s Cuisine
Chin’s Cuisine, a multi-award-winning restaurant offering delicate and healthy Chinese cuisine, has set up shop at 5 Weld Quay, Georgetown. Dave Chin, an entrepreneur, founder, designer, and gastronome, leads a dedicated team of professionals who continually stimulate the senses with inventive dishes and time-tested cooking techniques.

With its Chinese-style interior design, Chin’s Cuisine provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable Chinese New Year reunion dinner with your beloved family. The flavors and style come together in a captivating culinary fusion, showcasing innovative dishes like Qianlong cabbage, Mala soft shell crab, French foie gras with laurel blossoms, and the go-to choice at Chin’s is their aromatic crispy duck, a fan favorite since 1987. It’s shredded right at your table, skillfully put together with pancakes, scallions, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce, creating these tasty rolls of joy. The flavor of Chin’s Beijing Duck, steamed and then deep-fried, is bold and absolutely delightful. Don’t forget the clever tip of adding green chili to the pancake – it’s a fantastic trick to enhance the experience.

You can go through their menu on their website to set your reunion menu as some of the dishes need to pre-order. Reservation is needed for Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

Why should you enjoy the meal at Chin’s Cuisine?

  • It is a Multi-Award-Winning restaurant which includes The Best Chinese Restaurant in Malaysia and The 9th International Health Food Contest Gold Award.
  • The price is worth the quality of food.
  • Vegetarian and kid menus are available.

Why might you skip Chin’s Cuisine?

  • You may encounter congested traffic to reach the place.

Details of Chin’s Cuisine:

Address: 5, Pengkalan Weld, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Website/social media: Website
Contact: 016-606 3211
Business Hour: Everyday, 6pm – 12am. Last order at 10.30pm.

Maple Palace

Maple Palace
Maple Palace, kickstarting in Penang back in 2009, is your go-to for some modern Cantonese grub. They’ve got the basics down with traditional Cantonese cuisine, but what makes them stand out is their twist – blending in killer cooking skills from both the East and the West. Forget the usual, because Maple Palace is all about constantly jazzing up their dishes, making sure they’re hitting the taste and aroma just right. Now, as Chinese New Year is rolling in, they’ve rolled out a variety of packages. Whether you’re a duo or a big family of 10, they’ve got you covered with 5-6 main dishes and 1-2 desserts in each package. Just a heads up, reservations are a must, and prices kick off from RM 228++ per person.

Why should you enjoy the meal at Maple Palace?

  • Special Chinese New Year menus are available.
  • Private rooms are available.
  • Have its own parking space.

Why might you skip Maple Palace?

  • No a la carte menu available for Chinese New Year.

Details of Maple Palace:

Address: 47, Jln Sultan Ahmad Shah, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Website/social media: Website
Contact: 04 – 227 9690
Business Hour: Everyday, 12pm – 2.30pm , 6 – 10pm.

Noble Season

Noble Season
Noble Season, a long-standing Chinese joint in Penang, boasts a rich history. They dish out a variety of traditional Chinese grub featuring top-notch Asian ingredients and recipes specially crafted by the seasoned Executive Chef, Sifu Keong, who’s got over 40 years in the game. Now, for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner, they’re rolling out 3 packages fit for a squad of 10. Each package packs a punch with 7 dishes and a sweet dessert, ranging from RM 1313.00 to RM 2738.00. Grabbing a table early is key since they’ve got limited spots. Keep in mind, there are only two time slots for the reunion dinner – 5.30 pm and 8.00 pm.

Why should you enjoy the meal at Noble Season?

  • Relatively more consumer friendly price.
  • Convenient parking.

Why might you skip Noble Season?

  • Restricted dining time.

Details of Noble Season:

Address: 2nd floor, Penang Plaza, Lot 207-221 & 231-245, 126, Jalan Burma, 10050 George Town, Penang.
Website/social media: Website
Contact: 016-613 2989/ 017-433 8268/ 017-460 6598
Business Hour: Chinese New Year Eve only for reservation (5.30pm & 8.00pm)

Shelaiton Restaurant

Shelaiton Restaurant
Shelaiton Restaurant, a Chinese dining gem, has been serving the community for over two decades and has made a name for itself with its renowned abalone dishes. With Chinese New Year around the corner, they’ve crafted two 10-person packages, each boasting 5 dishes and a dessert. Don’t forget to add on the Prosperous Ee Shang separately since it’s not part of the package. If you’re rolling solo or with a friend, they’ve got you covered with packages for a minimum of 2 people, starting at RM 169.00++. These smaller packages include 3 dishes and a dessert, and the cool part is you can tweak or add dishes at a promotional price. Just a heads up, reservations are a must for this feast!

Why should you enjoy the meal at Shelaiton Restaurant?

  • Reunion lunch is available for those who planned to have reunion lunch.
  • Can accommodate a large number of people.

Why might you skip Shelaiton Restaurant?

  • Less dishes compared to other restaurants.

Details of Shelaiton Restaurant:

Address: 1688 – F5, 6, 7, Jalan Perusahaan, Bukit Tengah, 13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang.
Website/social media: Website
Contact: 04-502 2287/ 04-504 0680/ 012-487 8353/ 012-492 1049
Business Hour: Daily, 11.30am – 3pm; 6pm -9.30pm

Shangri La Golden Sand

Shangri La Golden Sand
If you’re up for a Chinese New Year reunion dinner that breaks away from the usual, Shangri-La Hotel in Penang has just the thing. Renowned for their exquisite food and top-notch service, this year Shangri-La Golden Sands presents the Fortune Seafood Dinner and Prosperity BBQ Dinner as your options. Dive into a laid-back buffet-style reunion dinner at Shangri-La, where you can enjoy the Fortune Seafood Dinner at Garden Cafe, with added entertainment from the Modern Chinese Orchestra for that extra festive vibe. Alternatively, the Prosperity BBQ Dinner awaits at Sigi’s Bar & Grill. Both options throw in a glass of mocktail to spice things up. Dinners kick off at 6 pm and wrap up by 10 pm, priced at RM 188 for adults and RM 94 for the little ones. Better secure your spot early with a reservation!

Why should you enjoy the meal at Shangri La Golden Sand?

  • Modern Chinese Orchestra performance to foster the festive mode.
  • Free and easy dining compared to traditional reunion dinners.

Why might you skip Shangri La Golden Sand?

  • Longer distance from town.

Details of Shangri La Golden Sand:

Address: Shangri La Golden Sand, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Kampung Tanjung Huma, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang. (Garden Cafe and Sigi’s Bar & Grill)
Website/social media: Website
Contact: 04-886 1911
Business Hour: 9th & 10th February 2024, 6pm – 10pm

In these awesome restaurants, Penang’s culinary magic blends perfectly with the warm traditions of Chinese New Year reunions. Families and friends gather around tables filled with delicious goodies, and amid laughter and the delicious smells of fantastic dishes, they create timeless moments that stay with everyone. These spots aren’t just about enjoying a meal; they’re lively settings where the best memories of joyous reunions become part of Penang’s cultural celebration.

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