5 Best Bedsheet In Malaysia For A Good Sleep

5 Best Bedsheet In Malaysia For A Good Sleep

There are many simple ways to get a well-deserved sleep, and one of them includes having a nice fresh sheet of bedlinen. The soft and cosy touch of covered bed and pillows sheets does not only make a room feel welcoming, it also invites a space for your head and body to simply sink into a bed and snooze all day long. Before you start daydreaming of lying on a new bed sheet or falling asleep with the thought, here are 5 brands that will serve the best bedsheets to make your day-dream a reality.

Kapas Fitted Bedsheet

Kapas Fitted Bedsheet
The Kapas fitted bed sheet offers a buttery smooth finish with its signature, nature friendly extra-long staple cotton fibres. In addition, their sheets are free from harmful chemicals and are well crafted to avoid cotton shrinkage on the first wash. The bed linens are airy and highly absorbent, which allows it to be more durable and can be worn for a very long time. Additionally, these comfy sheets are made to fit on any mattress, so you won’t have to struggle putting them on.

Highlights of Kapas Fitted Bedsheet

  • Infused memory foam with bamboo charcoal
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Moulds nicely to head and neck
  • Anti-bacterial and less odour
  • Firm

Disadvantages of Kapas Fitted Bedsheet

  • Not suitable for those that don’t enjoy hard surface

Product specification

Brand Kapas
Material 100% natural cotton
Thread count 400

Jean Perry Garni

Jean Perry Garni
The Jean Perry Garni collection offers quality bed linens with its EcoSilk Fabric, which delivers a blend of hydrophilic cellulose fibres. With nature friendly fibres, it provides soft delicate texture and a silky touch for a luxurious slumber. Comes with a geometric design and unique weave around the curved edges, it offers a cosy look while giving a calm ambiance to any room.

Highlights of Jean Perry Garni

  • Made with EcoSilk Fabric
  • Nature-friendly
  • Soft and silky texture
  • Geometric design and unique weave design

Disadvantages of Jean Perry Garni

  • If you’re buying via online, please take note that colors from the images may have little difference due to lighting effect

Product specification

Brand Jean Perry Garni
Material 100% Natural Plant Fiber
Thread Count 760

Ann Taylor Trend Queen Fitted Set

Ann Taylor Trend Queen Fitted Set
Made with 550 thread counts, this Ann Taylor Trend Queen Fitted Set offers a micro-satin fabric that provides a silky touch while offering heat absorbent characteristic for a breathable night’s rest. Comes in multiple designs and vibrant colours, the Queen fitted sheets also provide 2 pillow cases and a bolster cover to match your bedding.

Highlights of Ann Taylor Trend Queen Fitted Set

  • Made with micro-satin fabric
  • Nature-friendly
  • Offers a silky touch and heat absorbent characteristic for breathability

Disadvantages of Ann Taylor Trend Queen Fitted Set

  • Online information is limited

Product specification

Brand Ann Taylor
Material 100% Natural Plant Fiber
Thread Count 550

Sonno 4-in-1 Bedsheet Set

Sonno 4-in-1 Bedsheet Set
The Sonno 4-in-1 Bedsheet Set is made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres, which offer natural softness to the bed linens. Using nature friendly fibres, the bedsheet can become even softer through each wash, giving you cosier sleep night after night. In addition, the bedsheets deliver ultra-breathable comfort and a silky soft feel. It also comes with hypoallergenic features that are gentle to the skin and lets you sleep in a hygienic environment.

Highlights of Sonno 4-in-1 Bedsheet Set

  • Made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres
  • Nature-friendly
  • Ultra-breathable comfort and a silky soft feel

Disadvantages of Sonno 4-in-1 Bedsheet Set

  • Patterned designs are unavailable

Product specification

Brand Sonno
Material TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre
Thread Count Not stated

AKEMI Jovial Kids Collection

AKEMI Jovial Kids Collection
AKEMI Jovial Kids Collection offers a nice selection of bedsheets that’s playful in colours and designs. Made with pure cotton fibres, the bedsheets are made for lasting use and easy to care for. Meanwhile, its bed linen offers a 650-thread count for softness and comfort for the little one.

Highlights of AKEMI Jovial Kids Collection

  • Pure cotton fibres
  • Playful colours and designs
  • Kid size bed sheets
  • Soft and cosy feel

Disadvantages of AKEMI Jovial Kids Collection

  • Single size only

Product specification

Material 100% cotton
Thread Count 650

Changing bed sheets weekly is important for clean hygiene. This is because your sheets tend to accumulate dirt, dust mites and dead skin cells that can’t be seen, which can especially affect those who suffer from allergies. So, if you’ve been needing to change up the bedsheets for new fresh ones, go ahead and consider the ones we’ve listed above!

Making your bed comfortable and warm will ultimately help you to relax and allow you to sleep calmly through the night. With fresh new sheets it adds to a luxurious feel, making your slumber ever more serene.

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